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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

New build part 1

Well, I'm off. I've started the T34. First, a good soak to clear the kit of 'fat' (the instruction sheet is, not surprisingly written by a Russian with an Rossiya-Angliskii dictionary). Three sprues, as below:

This is the first time I've built a kit that advertises itself as being 'snap together' with 'no glue needed'. I wondered how that would work, but it has been well thought out, and goes together neatly, though I have used glue. Hard, slightly brittle plastic, and, hence, parts flying here and there, and it looks as if I've lost one of the rear tow hooks down a crack between the floorboards! Not helped by my dreadful eyesight. But I can live with that - the tow hook, the eyesight dam' annoys me. Anyway, an hour or so has taken me to this stage:

A bit blurry - my apologies. I'll give it a quick undercoat before I go to work tomorrow, then I should be able to crack on with the build in the evening and give it a first coat of Russian tank green. Looking at the M1943 turret, I'm sorely tempted to paint it as a captured Finnish example - Steve Zaloga (all hail the tank god!!) and James Grandsen's The Eastern Front; Armour Camouflage and Markings, 1941 to 1945 (Arms & Armour, London, 1983) has some excellent plates. We'll see.

Also today, the good fellows of the United States' Parcel Service and our own (rapidly being destroyed by management and EU competition directives) Royal Mail chaps brought me a parcel from The Virtual Armchair General, containing, among other things:

The pre-printed Action Deck for 'Rough Riders'. 1898 comes closer! Yee ha! 'We've got them dam' Yankees on the run', 'Er, Sir, General Wheeler, Sir, we are the Yankees'.

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