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Tuesday, 29 January 2013


... and bumps. At the turn of the century I had a chance to have a close up view of some of the RAF's Chinooks at one of the main RAF helicopter stations. What surprised me was how ill-fitting many of the panels were, and, furthermore, how much of the helicopters were held together with duct tape. I say this because I am trying to convince myself that the Brequet 27, when finished, will simply look like a real Brequet 27 - that is, ill-fitting and held together with whatever the 1930s' equivalent of duct tape was (probably wire). I closed up the main part of the cockpit, and despite much trimming, it looked like this:

and this...

So, major filling job needed.

I also fixed the other main parts together, and they, too, will need filler and a good deal of sanding:

The idea behind this foray, you will remember, was to reignite my enthusiasm for toy soldier painting and AFV kit bashing. I think it might be working...


  1. You have more patience than me. I recently (re-)discovered an old airfix kit in my spares box and thought I might as well... The fit was so terrible that after a few hours sanding and filing I still ended up with something heavily restrained by rubber bands to hold it in alignment - not unlike your bulldog clip and clothes peg display. In the end, I just binned it, not something I've often done with a model.

    Cheers, Dave

    1. Hi, Dave. Yes, part of the reason it is taking me so long with this kit is that I have learned from bitter experience that I have to be 100% in the right mood to tackle each stage - or it will, almost inevitably, be a complete disaster. I must admit, I've never binned anything, but there are part built kits hidden away in their boxes...

  2. Its coming together nicely I think Stephen. They always look better with a lick of paint.

    Soldier on!

    1. Cheers, Paul! Definitely agree with you, a few good coats of paint work wonders on anything from botched DIY to fancy French aircraft kits!