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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Very little...

... progress.

First things first. After my last post - only the second in a month !- Paul, that paragon of kit bashing/refurb/mass production/Antipodean heroism, asked for a front view of the Western Desert Chevvy from Minimi Miniatures. So here it is:

Looks good - Yankee styling at its late 1930s/early 1940s best. Seen in this photographic blow up, the lack of a number plate is quite noticeable. I must attend to it.

Now, as the heading says, I have made very little kit-bashing progress at all since the start of 2014. All I can say to excuse myself is: work, family. However, the last few evenings saw some small advance on the new Airfix Vampire trainer kit, with the cockpit tub complete:

It went together nicely, the instrument panel decal is very neat, and all I added was in the way of crude safety harnesses out of Tamiya tape, and bang seat handles out of wire.

The next step is the sandwich step and weighting the nose. I usually do this using scraps of lead, but this time I will be experimenting with this product:

It is like tiny ball bearings, which are poured into the nose cavity and secured with super-glue. Let's see if it does the trick and stops the Vampire doing a tail sit.

I do hope to post at more than two a month from now on...


  1. Cheers for that Stephen. That truck does look a winner. I am quite sure that the Germans used a version of this truck that they licensed built before the war as well.

    Nice work on the T11 cockpit as well.

  2. That's lovely work. 'Specially the cockpit. I do love me a Vampire.

  3. Looking forward to hearing how the liquid gravity works...
    Any lead chaps on the go?