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'A gaping silken dragon,/Puffed by the wind, suffices us for God./We, not the City, are the Empire's soul:/A rotten tree lives only in its rind.'

Thursday, 23 October 2014


photography, poor lighting, but a table top encounter nonetheless.

Pick up game, in a box:

Rules: Cordery out of Morschauser. Gridded battlefield, 8 x 8, 'Frontier/Modern wargames Rules'.

The opening scene: Bolsheviks in the distance, Whites nearest the camera. Twelve units each, Reds with a unit of armour, Whites with a unit of field artillery.

First shot! White artillery knocks out Red armour. What an opener!

Red commander had to be consoled with a jelly baby. See ! The Bolsheviks do eat babies !!

One of the built up areas becomes the focus of heavy fighting, with each side attempting to benefit from the points advantages to be gained from defending a built up zone. This focal point becomes a killing zone, with the fortunes of war in the Whites' favour.

Above: this blurred aerial photograph shows the Bolshevik command unit realising that the game is up - they only command an m/g unit. Shortly after the photgraph was taken, the Red machine gunners fell.

Endstate. The Whites hold the field, though sorely depleted.
I can't sign off this post without mentioning the jihadi Islamist terror attack in Ottawa. The murder of Cpl. Cirillo at Canada's National War Memorial was a foul attack not just on Canada but on the West as a whole. The only satisfaction to be gained is that it was the Serjeant at Arms, Kevin Vickers, who killed the terrorist. How fitting that someone charged with the defence of a Parliament - that core institution of democracy - should have carried out his duty so well. 


  1. Thanks. I think the jihadi reference, while valid, is a bit over played, these guys were just looking for something. One of them asked to be put into jail a few years ago to help get him off drugs but they turned him loose even after he committed robbery to earn his ticket.

    But I'll never regard the Sgt at Arms as ceremonial anymore despite the cocked hat and mace! Even more fitting that he is modest refuses to take personal credit and instead includes his whole team.

  2. Game looks fun.I am tempted to have a wee battle myself over the weekend...
    ps you put it so well re the fitting nature Kevin Vicker's brave deed.