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Monday, 5 January 2015


.... not a Wellington, but a Wellesley. Well, I know they were one and the same in one version (with nose), but not so in the Barnes Wallis' sired version. Even if neither was born in a stable. If all that makes sense.

Anyway, next project up for the new, 2015, me, is the Valom Vickers Wellesley Mk.1:

A very nice package, in a useful tray-style box. Four main sprues:

Interestingly there is an option of two different fuselages. At first glance, the instruction booklet gives no indication as to differences, or which aircraft is which. The differences in the parts appears to be limited to panels and the outline of the forward fuselage - any hints on what this means (different engines?) will be very gratefully received.
Also included is a neat little photo-etched sheet:

I'm a bit cack-handed with PE (I probably need one of those special bending jigs), but I'll certainly use the seat harnesses.
There are two options, both for the East African air war.

All-in-all a lovely looking kit, and, as far as I'm aware the only offer since the 1980s Matchbox kit. But, let's see how long my optimism lasts...


  1. Hope you optimism holds as I'd like to see the result. Yes, old Nosey being the same person with a different name gels well with Barnes Wallis creations. I often saw this model in the shops in the 80's but never got it despite being tempted often...Did it serve in WW2?

    1. Yes, it did see plenty of service in WW2 - in East Africa, and the Red Sea in particular. There were three squadrons using the type when Britain and South Africa took on the jolly old Italian in Abyssinia and Somaliland. In the mid-1980s, the magazine Air Pictorial ran a long series about the conflict, and absolutely fascinating it was. Lots of types that were obsolete elsewhere saw action, e.g., on the Commonwealth side: Hartebeests, Gladiators, Vincents, Gauntlets, Junkers 86 (South African), Furies, and more. While on the Italian side: CR32s, CR42s, Ro37s, Ca 133s, ... As for the Valom kit - I glued the fuselage today, and there is a Rift Valley type gap...