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Thursday, 15 November 2012

FD(L) transport...

... OK. I've finished making a mess of the elegance that is the Traction Avant. All it needs now is a very good dusting with MIG pigments. A very good dusting indeed, so that some of the errors can be disguised. Once dusted, it will be based, then permanently join other elements of my 20mm Luftwaffe Field Division transport, as here:

It was a very tricky kit. The primary problem was my incompetence. This, when allied to my big, fat fingers and the small size of the model, led to numerous mini-disasters. Also, the inevitable problems with a short run kit didn't help.

The wheels repeatedly broke off when handling the model (hence the need for a base). The bodywork just refused to match up, but I decided that the resulting gaps (largely over the rear wheels) would have to remain, as I don't think the kit could withstand filling and sanding. 

Finally, the 'templates' (line sketches in the instructions) for the windows were inaccurate. What was worse, even though I dipped the scratch built windows in Klear to prevent misting by the glue, they still misted ! But, that's where the dusting will come in. Nonetheless, a very nice addition to the FD (L) supply train, and in keeping with my general view about adding in plenty of non-German kit to German forces.

Speaking of which, I think this will be the next up:

I do have other 1940 French kit, but  am very tempted to add this to the German Army. The question is, did the Germans equip all their Somuas with split-hatch commander's hatches, or did some retain the domed coupla?


  1. Good work Stephen, the FD(L) is coming along nicely.

    I would hazard a guess that all the S35's used by the Germans had the added hatch.

    Ones without would have been passed on to axis allies or to the Vichy Army. Guessing this mind.

    1. Looks like you are right here, Paul. I spent some time scouting round the internet today, and the split hatch addition seems to have been standard for the Germans, but, for example, those passed to Italy kept the buttoned down look.

  2. What a wrestle! Does Klear still work the same? Didn't they change the formula or somesuch - thought I had read something about that. Looking good now...

    Cheers, Dave

    1. Hi Dave. I wonder about Klear - you might be right. It didn't seem to work at all well. But the problem was that I was forced to use some superglue to get the bodywork to stay together, and it was this that leached onto the 'glass'. Oh, well, a learning experience.

  3. It has been well worth the effort as you have a splendid car there. can't answer the archane tankie question I'm afraid,but I await the answers with interest too.
    Any plans for a wee taster game soon?
    best wishes

    1. If you could see it 'in the plastic' as it were, then you would change your opinion!

      On the game front, it will be some time. As my sole opponent is my son, it may well be some time. Although he has never lived up north, I'm afraid that his West Highland genes are very strong indeed - remarkably so. You know, 'what's the hurry?'.