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Friday, 16 November 2012

French and dunkelgelb...

No kit bashing done today as I'm somewhat below par. However, I spent some time scouting round the internet for photos and information about Somua S35s in German service. I had supposed that they would all be finished in panzer grey, which is a tad boring, and doesn't really fit with my mid/late war German set up. However, I found photographs of Somuas finished in yellow base with various disruptive patterns. These included Somuas on the Eastern Front in 1944. Excellent. And that brings me back to the issue I raised on this blog a short while ago - what is the best yellow/ochre base colour for small-scale kit bashers and wargamers? As I said, I generally use Revell 88 'Ochre', but DaveM in a reply to the post gave some Humbrol alternatives:

  • Humbrol Matt 83: ochre
  • Humbrol Matt 84: mid stone
  • Humbrol Matt 94: brown yellow
So,  intend to try one of these on the Somua, which will also be given a split-hatch.

While grubbing around for information on French kit, I came across these 20mm resins:

An H39 leading two R35s. I can't remember who made them, only that I bought them at 'Colours' in Reading about 12 years ago, and my son painted them. 

I also dug out this old Profile from 1973. I have a stack of Profiles on aircraft - brief, concentrated bits of information - but few on AFVs. The author of this one, Major James Bingham RTR, also wrote Profile 36 on the Hotchkiss H35 and 39, as well as the Somua S35. I would like a copy of that - must hunt for one.


  1. Not sure if you have seen these, but a couple of FoW pages you might find interesting.

    French Beutepanzers:


    Cheers, Dave

    1. Cheers, Dave. The stuff on dunkelgelb is very sensible - I like it! See today's post on my fruitless search for Humbrols!

  2. I found the only profile I own the other night which (surprise,surprise is about Swiss afvs) I had stashed away in the back of a book.I have a habit of doing this which can lead to interesting surprises at times.Hope you are more on par this morning.
    best wishes

    1. No: 50, Swiss Battle Tanks, by R.M. Ogorkiewicz ?? Horribly, can feel the collecting mania scratching at my leg now...