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'A gaping silken dragon,/Puffed by the wind, suffices us for God./We, not the City, are the Empire's soul:/A rotten tree lives only in its rind.'

Friday, 11 October 2013

Brnad burns..?

We left Maj. Vlasov and his men on a sticky wicket. The game had all been in the Lovitznians' favour, with a surprise descent on the old walled town of Brnad. The Lovitznians had kept the initiative from the outset, with The Rattle of Dice (TM, Ross Mac) going their way. The only bright spot for the Maltovians had been the rapid arrival of the artillery and infantry reinforcements. The defenders followed this up by seizing the initiative and bringing the battery into play:

The crash of the guns, and the attacking column (a vulnerable formation) takes casualties, but the Lovitznians' blood is up, and impetus carries them on:

But...horribly...not quite making the gun line!

Meanwhile on the other flank:

The Lovitznian Guard regiment follows up the half regiment of Moldovians who had been beaten back, but rallied, earlier. This time, things were very evenly matched:

and, perhaps 'blown' by their exertions, the Guards retreated.

Things were nasty in the gun line, but the gunners, and their supporting infantry, were fresh, and knew they had nowhere to go if they lost:

So, put the Lovitznian dogs to flight:

All under the eyes of their general - Brig. von Braunlich-Kautsky:

Mindful of his orders that this was supposed to be a quick affair to punish the upstart Maltovians, the Brigadier signals a general withdrawal, covered by his regiment.

Brnad burns?

Not on Maj. Vlasov's watch! Standing four-square amidst the wreckage of war, Vlasov's view is:

Brnad breathes free!

And, he wonders if his green tunic will soon receive a Cross, or, perhaps, a suitable Order?


  1. Well done. A magnificent display and the flags are particuarly fetching.

    An order or a medal? Surely a sash would be the appropriate reward?

    1. My thanks, kind sir!
      On the just desserts front, one has to remember that 'influence' is important in these matters. It is rumoured that the good Major's superior officer (whose sister was once a close 'friend' of the Crown Prince) is in line for a new sash of some sort. But, never fear, Vlasov won't be entirely left out.

  2. A medal would be nice, and well earned, a dash of red, a dot of gold...

    Good stuff. and pleased to see them still rattling on.

    1. Indeed - the Major's chest looked a little bare, so a jolly good job that the dice rattled in his favour. And that the steam lorry had a good, metalled road to run on - you see, logistics are the key.

  3. Action packed indeed.I too think the Order of the Milliput Sash is indeed called for...
    Are there any reinforcements in the post? Some cavalry would look good ...

    1. Ah, you anticipated me (or I, you, I can't remember), the postman cometh. I hope.

  4. Very good stuff, and an entertaining read! The rules sound quite simple, to the point where a complete war-games virgin like myself might stand a chance with them!

    1. Absolutely. I would strongly recommend them - Ross's rules work a treat, especially for the lone warrior of the table top. Straightforward, workable, flexible.