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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Hack, hack...

... chop, chop.

In theory, it is a straightforward process. Familiarise with instructions, carefully remove pieces from sprue, clean them up if necessary, dry fit, line up, dry fit check, line up again, glue, support and jig if necessary. And hey presto! It's a mess:

The above shows the Sea Hurricane pilot's seat after I was forced to hack the dam' thing off its mounting. Why ? Well, I originally glued it to the mounts with the seat back against the cockpit armour. That's what it looked like on the instructions, and the underside of the seat seemed to fit on the mountings best that way. Fine. Except that when I offered up the wings and the seat to the fuselage, the blessed thing wouldn't fit because the seat was too far back! Hence the 'hack, hack, chop, chop' ! I've been kit bashing for 46 years, on and off, and I still make these sort of mistakes!
So, little progress on the Sea Hurricane, which currently looks like this:


  1. My thanks! One good thing is that the wings needed no filler. Airfix are so much better these days.