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'A gaping silken dragon,/Puffed by the wind, suffices us for God./We, not the City, are the Empire's soul:/A rotten tree lives only in its rind.'

Sunday, 6 July 2014


... and loft.

And still the great exodus from house to shed continues. But today also involved an expedition into that other essentially masculine place - the loft. First, some more little tin men on the move:

8" howitzer in 20mm, from 'IT Figures' of a good many years ago, when I still undercoated in white. But it makes for a nice toy soldierly style.

And, favourites of mine, 28mm Perry Home Guard. The chaps above being heavily equipped with American weapons - BAR, Thompson, and .300 rifle. There's an odd story connected to the 'Tommy gun' when it first arrived in the UK. Winston Churchill was very keen on it, and thought it would be just the weapon for the Home Guard, claiming that it would help turn them into 'Storm Troopers'. Er, not really, and, in any case, it is likely that he was thinking of the previous war. And when the regular army realised just how powerful the Thompson was, the Home Guard were relieved of it and given the Sten instead.

Above, two more Perry Home Guard. The chap with the binos was a limited addition that came with a pillbox. I wasn't quick enough to grab a pillbox, but just made the bino chap.

some 'Black and Tans' - Auxiliaries. Thirty years ago I interviewed a former 'Tan' for a bit of history research I was doing. He'd spent most of his Irish War of Independence service in Dublin, and one of his main tasks was escorting the coffins of killed Auxiliaries and Cadets back to Britain.
Funnily enough, I'm currently doing a bit of research on Britain in the 1920s and have come across gangs of recently discharged Black and Tans roaming around Hampstead, carrying revolvers and hoping for a bit of bother. The funny thing is that Hampstead is now infamous in the UK for being the home of choice for very well heeled members of the Metropolitan elite - media people, and such like, all very 'PC', very 'faux left'. Hardly the Black and Tans.

And, here's some chums (well, sort of) for the Tans:

Royal Irish Constabulary. On the back foot.
Now some mean hombres (part II), in this case, part-time enthusiasts for 'Work, Family, Country':

Pity that Vichy besmirched that slogan - I rather fancy it; describes my sense of self, in a way.

From shed to loft. I was forced to journey up into my loft today, braving cobwebs and a cracked skull, but I returned triumphant. Having forgotten what I really went up there for, I returned with these two fine 1/72 Great War kits:

I could just do with a bit of cursing over struts and wires. However, I hope you noticed the perfect wood grain effect I managed on the table above...


  1. I'm sure you did get the pillbox, you know. I can picture it - resin, with the blast wall outside the entrance, and you painted it in grey with green camouflage.

    1. No, that was annuver! I wasn't quick enough off the mark for the Perry one, but I did get a nice note and the bino chap, free of charge!