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'A gaping silken dragon,/Puffed by the wind, suffices us for God./We, not the City, are the Empire's soul:/A rotten tree lives only in its rind.'

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


.... racing cars, speedboats, dirt tracks, Speedway, midget car racing, rallying...

.....Hitler, the Right Club, British Union, the ultra-right underground in London and Dublin, the IRA, Castro, Vietnam, What's My Line, Sunset Boulevard...

YES! The Long-Awaited (well, here anyway), ALL NEW Biography of

by Al Front (aka Dr Stephen M. Cullen)
Paperback, 277 pages, illustrated

Fanatical Fay Taylour
Her sporting & political life at speed, 1904-1983

Fay Taylour was the most successful woman motor sports champion yet. Feted as ‘The World’s Wonder Girl’, and ‘Flying Fay Taylour’, she was a household name in Britain, Australia and New Zealand in the late 1920s, when she beat the male stars of the motorcycle speedway track. She was so successful that the British motorcycle governing body banned women from competing in speedway. Taylour moved to car racing, competing around the world, living a fast, and adrenaline-filled life. At the outbreak of war, in 1939, Taylour found a new outlet for her energies, joining the fascist anti-war campaign. She quickly became embroiled in the clandestine world of ultra-right wing politics, both in London and Dublin. Arrested and imprisoned in Holloway, then on the Isle of Man, Taylour was regarded by the British authorities as one of their most dangerous pro-German prisoners. Released after three years, she moved to Ireland and continued her political activism. In the post-war period, she rebuilt her racing career in the USA, before she was banned from the country for her politics. That banning led to more racing around the world before she returned to the USA to finally retire from the track. This is the story of this remarkable, but disturbing and fanatical woman.
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£8.50 international

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  1. Just bought a copy,can't wait to read it...

    1. Cheers, Alan ! The first buyer! It'll be in the post tomorrow.

  2. A signed copy by the author i hope...
    BTW when i'm here I might as well ask can you give me a comparison between Operation Warboard (?) and Battle! Practical wargaming. I have the latter and am considering the second . I feel the pull of the plastic pile in the shed calling me to WW2...

    1. Operation Warboard is very rules dense, but produces a good game (used a fair few times many years ago in Edinburgh - I can remember playing an ambush of Platoon 20 W-SS troops on unpainted Airfix plastic Americans, possibly even on the floor; and later a Soviets versus Germans game where a heroic Panzerfaust operator and a lone MG-42 stopped a Soviet advance and won the game for Al Front).

      Battle! Practical Wargaming I cannot remember ever playing but I *think* that it was the ultimate basis for Patrick And Dad's Rules For The American Civil War, which has been played probably scores of times. Very simple, very quick, endlessly customisable, flavourful, exciting.

    2. I'm interested to hear more of these acw rules...

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers, Jon! In the post tomorrow.

    2. Arrived this morning - cheers! Looks like a great read, and will definately go to the top of my 'to read' pile. Now to look for a 28mm version as suggested!

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