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'A gaping silken dragon,/Puffed by the wind, suffices us for God./We, not the City, are the Empire's soul:/A rotten tree lives only in its rind.'

Friday, 8 February 2013


No, Fuzzies!

While searching through masses of bits of paper, rule sets, and magazines for a internet download that I'd printed off some years ago about the Savoia Marchetti SM 81, which is my next aircraft project, I came across the rule set 'Hordes of Dervishes'. Being much taken at the moment with the practical nature of this type of small scale gaming, I got out some of my 20mm Sudan chaps and put together a HoD army of 24 Army Points:

Fine men! I'll break out the Dervishes and Fuzzies, and have a crack at HoD soon.

In the garden, the wet, sodden soil has begun to show signs of life, with bulbs pushing through everywhere, while this primrose heralds Spring:

And the Hellebore pretends that it is a prop in a late Victorian neo-Gothic drama:


  1. I don't know HoD do tell more...
    My snow drops are just peeking above the soil and daffs I planted in the lawn last year are beginning to emerge.The Hellebore promise much...

  2. The HoD set that I have is a print off from the internet, but from where is a difficult question. It might be found at the free wargames rules site. I'll check. As for the garden, Persephone is returning from the underworld.

  3. We had snow drop here, about 30cm of it with -20 temperatures. The garden is very pretty from the window.

    I like the Brits! Jacklex?

    HoD sounds like a Hordes of the Thing /DBA variant. If so may well provide a good game.

  4. Well done that snowdrop ! A tough Canuck variety, no doubt. The Tommies are, indeed, Jacklex - stout, stalwart, and brave.

  5. Hi Alfront. I have slipped into my lax ways again so apologies. still reading the posts but then dashing off to do something else. I work with a hellebore collector ( she regularly mocks me for playing with soldiers) who was impressed by your specimen and identified it as a Double Queen hybrid. Any idea where you bought it? My guess would be Ashwood nurseries, but we would be interested to know. Hope you are thriving in this bleak spell we are having.

    1. How dare your hellebore fanatic mock you for toy soldiers!! The rotter! It is only because I'm a gent that I'll admit that the hellebore in the photo is 'Double Pink', and I got it from Long Acre Plants (01963 32802, Charlton Musgrove, nr. Wincanton, Somerset, BA9 8EX - so, not that far from your neck of the woods). The service from Long Acre was first class - rapid despatch, plants properly packed, and very healthy too. I also bought an 'Ushba Strain' at the same time, and I noticed this morning that it has flowered - a very intense white.

      Now, where are the photos of the completed Herne on your blog?