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'A gaping silken dragon,/Puffed by the wind, suffices us for God./We, not the City, are the Empire's soul:/A rotten tree lives only in its rind.'

Saturday, 2 February 2013


... of sorts. Funny, the old Bolshevik foreign language press in Soviet days was 'Progress Publishing', which, of course, did not represent any sort of progress, except, ironically, into the dustbin of history. I haven't succumbed to binning my Breguet 27 (yet), but progress is slow. I have to be in a good mood to tackle each stage, especially as additional bits and pieces are needed For example:

This is the rear fuselage (boom) and vertical tail assembly. As this Azur kit is a short run affair, there was no locating pin, or any other form of support for this to join the main fuselage, which, I suppose, is a bit like a gondola. So, as you can see, I speared the thing with a bit of brass rod, which then fixed into the 'gondola'. I can't understand why the central boom, which looks as if it ran longitudinally throughout the real thing, wasn't a single, injection moulded piece. Anyway, my fix worked, so I'm now this far in:

The rear m/g position (the weapon looks like an aircraft Lewis) is made up of four very delicate bits of resin. The Scarfe type ring was moulded on a big chunk of resin and took some cutting off.

Next stage will be grey primer, then an overall 'khaki' (helpful kit notes!) finish. But just what does that mean? I've spent some time scanning the internet, but finished examples of this kit, and colour plates of similar French stuff from the 1930s seem to be finished in a wide variety of 'khakis' - some very green, and some very brown. So, I narrowed it down to:


Any suggestions very welcome!

On a less stressed note, my grandson's figure collection keeps growing. It was his 4th birthday this week, so he picked up a very large scale Spiderman, but also this:

This mounted fellow will go well with his crossbowman, who also sports a fleur de lis shield. My grandson likes both the look and sound of this symbol of French royalty (and the Scout movement!), showing that he is a good little European. However, I am sure that he will have no truck with the fundamentally anti-democratic super bureaucracy, and apparatchik-heaven that is the EU. If, and, of course it is a massive IF, the UK does have a referendum on the UK and the EU, then be sure that the one argument that the EU elite will not be deploying is that the EU is democratic. Because it is not. 

Now that the end is, sort of, in sight for my Breguet 27 adventure, I feel in need of bashing a kit that is made out of slabs of injection moulded plastic. So, I dug this up:

Early 1970s, raised panel lines, little fine detail, weighs a ton ... but no resin, no tiny bits and pieces, no need for brass rod.


  1. Limited run kit + tiny resin pieces + confusing colour references... Sir, you're a brave man!
    About the khaki hue, I'd use the one that looks better on the model, I'd say that even real life Breguets didn't have all the same colour. I used to take a long time to choose the colours for my kits, then I found out I never got them right... Now I use my imagination when references are scarce or unclear, and that's quite fun.

    As for the UE, I hope you'll have the chance to vote that referendum. We italians didn't have, and never will - I fear. I's not fun being annexed without even being allowed to vote or express our opinion...

  2. Thanks, Giano! It makes one appreciate the beauty of a fastbuild tank! I think you are right about the Breguets; they appear to have been in service from 1929 until at least the Armistice in 1940, and, from the few photographs I have found on the internet, came in a variety of finishes. So, I'll follow your advice - and go for what looks OK.

    I'd never thought about us all being 'Annexed' - but, you're right, we've been annexed by the elite and the bureaucrats, although I suspect that the Greeks think it has been Germany too! I'm a European, and happy to be so, but I'm not a subject of people I never elected, nor even know who they are! Freedom for the Europeans!