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'A gaping silken dragon,/Puffed by the wind, suffices us for God./We, not the City, are the Empire's soul:/A rotten tree lives only in its rind.'

Monday, 4 February 2013


... again. I just couldn't face the horror of tackling the upper wing, minimal struts and resin support tasks that await me with the next stage of the Breguet. So, I broke out the Portable Wargame (TM., Morschauser/Cordery/RossMac) again, but this time not in the usual Russian Civil War guise, but in 15mm:

A scenario taken from Mark Hannam's Rompan el Fuego! representing 'The Vizcaya Offensive', 31 March 1937 - a case of Roman Catholics vs Roman Catholics, as this was part of the Nationalist offensive into the Basque Country.

In the (nominally) Red corner:

(I should have made a Basque flag!)

Asaltos, and:

Republicans representing the Guardis militiamen.

In the Blue corner:

Carlists, with artillery support, and:

Mixed Italian CTV and Blueshirts.

At this point, there was no air support from the Condor Legion, due to bad weather - so that solves that Portable problem.


(That will be Christ the King who put away Peter's sword...)


  1. Blueshirts? Not O'Duffy's awkward mob I trust?

    1. No, they had a different shade of blue, I think - see Maurice Manning's still very good history of O'Duffy, or Mike Cronin's (yes, related to O'Duffy's right hand man!) more recent volume. The Blueshirts here are those of the Falange, which by this time, had been emasculated by a combination of the killing of Jose Antonio by the government, and Franco's absorption of all possible centres of opposition on his side. So, a lighter blue for O'Duffy's men and women, and darker for the Spaniards.

  2. Good to see you taking a well deserved break from the aeroplane.It will work even better when you return to it.
    I look forward to the battle report.
    I had hoped to bring out my portable set up at the weekend but issues of time,energy and a vile coldy thing meant it sat up on the top landing unused.I am more hopeful for the coming weekend and half term...
    best wishes

    1. The vile coldy thing will, of course, be a present from your young charges. Hope you make it to the half term!