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'A gaping silken dragon,/Puffed by the wind, suffices us for God./We, not the City, are the Empire's soul:/A rotten tree lives only in its rind.'

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Night falls...

... on the bloody field. The dice have rattled, and many a Christian tin man has gone to his maker.

The Army Gray regiment of foot seen above would be almost entirely destroyed by the rattling dice ... but here they advance boldly, tasked with covering the right flank.

And, above, an overview early in the fight, with the soon to be 'Lost Regiment' taking its first casualties from the Iron Brigade of Army Blue. Overall, there was a general advance on both sides of the river, but the Blues kept winning the initiative, and, mindful of the victory condition (three successive moves in control of both banks of the ford), took the fight to the enemy:

Despite the heavy fire from the gray clad line, the Blue assault went in, across the ford, two regiments strong.

The first regiment of Blues faced two rounds of melee with the Gray heroes, who stood like a wall of stone, and sent the blue bellies back across the river (the remnants can be seen in the distance below, yet, despite their losses, they rallied the next move):

But Army Blue hadn't finished, and the second regiment of foot went in, led by old man greatcoat himself:

A crisis point was reached - Army Blue had held both banks for two moves. The fighting was fierce, it looked as if the Blues had narrowly lost a melee, but General Greatcoat rallied those boys for another round! Was the vital crossing to be held by Army Blue? The dice rattled. The gods said 'No'. The Blue heroes streamed back across the ford. But, too exhausted, Army Gray chose not to pursue. Their losses had been heavy:

And night fell:

Well, Ross Mac, another triumph! Easy to use rules that gave a great game. YeeeeeeeeHaaaaaa!!!


  1. Splendid stuff - hard luck for the federals! Encore! Zouaves!

    1. It was damn'd close! One pip on one die might have done it. Ah, the fortunes... As for Zouaves, I ordered some more today.

  2. WaaHoo! Stout hearts on both sides but you have to be a brave man to trust your fate to the dice!

    I'm glad that worked out, the report was a pleasure to read and the pics were great.


    1. Thanks, Ross. And thanks too for the elegant, simple and enjoyable rules! I'll be back with them again soon - down Cuba way.

  3. Splendid game and result ,good to hear the rules worked so well.

    1. Yes, just what a middle-aged bloke can cope with after too much work.