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'A gaping silken dragon,/Puffed by the wind, suffices us for God./We, not the City, are the Empire's soul:/A rotten tree lives only in its rind.'

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Per l'onore d'Italia

Well, it's been a week to remember on the monarchical front, a remarkable week in terms of weather in Mercia (rain, rain, and a bit more rain, accompanied by March-like temperatures), and a damn'd week in personal terms. And it is still only Wednesday! However, I did, finally, finish the ANR Me Bf109 G-10, so here it is, with the other 1/72 ANR aircraft it has joined on the shelf:

This very late mark Me Bf109 is finished as a 2nd Squadron, 1st Fighter Group aircraft, based at Lonate Pozzolo in April 1945. While, below:

A Macchi  C.205 in the summer of 1944, based, I think, at Vicenza (it's some time since I made the Macchi, and I'm not too sure of the references). Then, a Me Bf109 G-6:

Flown by S.M. Cavagliano, 1st Squadron, 2nd Fighter Group, Aviano, November 1944.
Finally, the only (operational) offensive capability of the ANR:

Two views of a late mark S79, from 1st Torpedo bomber group, late 1944, operating from Ghedi.

After the withdrawal of the last of the Luftwaffe's day fighters from Italy, in September 1944, the ANR fighters were the only air defence for Northern Italy. Small in numbers, seriously, and increasingly short of aviation fuel, and with poor training, the ANR pilots attempted to exact some return for the heavy bombing of Italian cities, and also made efforts to intercept Allied bombers on their way to and from raids on Germany. 

Enough of this aero stuff! I have made a little headway on my 1812 Canadians - the flats, that is. More generally, I have finally come to realise that, assuming (and that is a very big assumption) that I get some time to myself, I can only, realistically, war game in one way:

So, the above is my current bedtime reading!


  1. Hope the week improves for you.Splendid planes indeed by the way.
    Make time for yourself- we are only able to be there for others (and ourselves too)if we take some time for "out" however short...
    I hope the rains lessen soon too.
    p.s although I have face to face gaming opportunities I often get the greatest fun with solo gaming.It fits in well with my lifestyle and may work well for you. Gaming at odd times of the day and picking up/leaving aside when one needs to

    1. My thanks, Alan. On one level, I suspect that it is a generational thing, mixing with changed social norms, in a period of economic strain. Or, maybe, it's just the way it always was.
      I think you are spot on with the solo gaming - it looks like being the way ahead!

  2. Great work on the "Italian connection" Stephen, they are most awesome!

    1. My thanks, kind sir! Fortunately, the blemishes are mostly hidden - isn't that the point of fashion photography?