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'A gaping silken dragon,/Puffed by the wind, suffices us for God./We, not the City, are the Empire's soul:/A rotten tree lives only in its rind.'

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Don't just sit there...

...paint something! Well, like most of Western Christendom it was back to work today, and it was a beautiful day outside too - high, climbing clouds, clear sunlight and occasional quick bursts of rain. But that was outside the office, sigh. Snap out of it! Yes, my painting table groans with the unfinished:

As you can see, the Mad Mahdi's Ansar have progressed little since I last mentioned it; the two new Hovels Northern European houses have been undercoated, so no excuses there; in the middle of the picture there is a nearly finished US gatling gun for Cuba 1898 which I will complete very quickly as the chance of a game is high. The further expanses of the table also have some challenging features:

The Panzer I in the foreground is intended for the SCW, and I am dithering. I think I've decided that I will use Humbrol 'tank grey' (oh, for the 'Authentics' !!!), along with acrylics for details. But, it is some time since I painted a tank, and I fear that my efforts may be poorer than usual. The real challenge, however, are the flats, top right. These are the beginnings of my War of 1812 in 30mm Zinngfiguren, and I last painted flats in 1985 before  realised that some very sophisticated techniques are needed.

I must crack on!


  1. Sleet lashed Fife & Edinburgh yesterday but moved towards sunne latterly...
    Loads of projects to whet our appetites here. I will be particuarly interesed to see the flats and hear more of your painting techniques.
    I love flats flats yet remain fearful of painting them to such an extent I have bought & undercoated some but never actuallt tried to paint them. Are you opting for oils or otherwise?

  2. Yes, I keep picking up the flats and peering at them with a frown on my face. I'm just not sure. I've undercoated them in Humbrol satin, but I'm not sure that was a good idea now. I've got three trees too, so I might start with them first. One of the trees is a silver birch, and I was going to paint the leaves in that particular autumn yellow that silver birches turn - but I can imagine the arborially challenged mocking the finished thing. Anyway, watch this space!

  3. On a completely unrelated note and just to satisfy an entirely improper curiousity, are you a fan of GK Chesterton?

    1. I would say that any red-blooded wargamer must be a fan of The Napoleon of Notting Hill, which contains the most marvellous wargamer of the last two centuries. I am red-blooded. And The Man Who Was Thursday - a fantasy-dream-nightmare that had a little to do with my own small utopia (see right). GKC was, of course, a great miniature theatre man - a sort of toy soldier behaviour. So, I think, sir, that must be an aye. But I must mention, too, GK's good, close friend - The Four Men is almost always by my bed, and there are essays in Hills and the Sea that I love. Aaaah, the giants that went before us...