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'A gaping silken dragon,/Puffed by the wind, suffices us for God./We, not the City, are the Empire's soul:/A rotten tree lives only in its rind.'

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Glut of Grants

Is there some unearthly spiritual layline that links the subconscious of middle-aged wargamers? Are we merely cells in a bigger life form ? Do we exist as part of some greater wargaming and toy soldier protean mass? Er, no. However, I was amused to see that that august personage, Will, of 'Will's Wargames Blog', has also turned his attention to Airfix Grants. Will, of course, is another master of the refurb, and has done a very neat job on his desert Grants, which sport that late Western Desert camouflage of wavy dark earth or black patches. It actually shows just how good those original Airfix armour kits were - robust, looked right (to the non-rivet counter), and long lasting. A sort of Soviet Union of plastic kits production. Will has, probably wisely, chosen not to bother with the desert sandshields, which is, I think, perfectly kosher as an option, but I am now a little more pleased that I did bother to make a muss of them. So, how are my slow cooking refurbs:

Tonight's work was limited to gloss varnishing, then applying turret and hull numbers. The slightly too large turret numbers come from a Fujimi Valentine kit which I made in 1974. It cost the shocking price of 50p! With these basic markings on, I will be able to progress to weathering, chips etc tomorrow evening, and the refurb will, I hope, be finished.

I have not, however, forgotten other chaps on the painting table, and I made a little more progress with some of those rather excitable fellows, followers of the Mahdi:

Note the ghosts of 1812 wandering in the background. If they keep turning up like that I will be forced to try my hand at their two dimensionalist selves.


  1. A desert vibe seems to be flowing through the blog at present I feel.I am glad that you have not forgotten the flats lurking in the background and calling you Siren like.
    My apologies if we have discussed this before but what rules do you favour for the Mahdi and his chums?
    I was looking at a set of rules here in the Duchy at the weekend "Death in the Dark Continent" by Chris Peers which look great fun but I have never played.They do the whole African thing well to my mind and are simple and fun.

  2. The Sudan project is very much a WiP, but I have Peter Pig/RFCM's 'Patrols in the Desert'. I've not used them yet, but what looks interesting is the way the RFCM types have given the Fuzzies an edge through the use of terrain, which the Mahdi stand-in can add to the gaming table as part of his military assests.

    Not come across 'DitDC' before. I managed to resist 'Darkest Africa' when it was all the rage, but I do have rather a lot of Von Lettow Vorbeck's fellows .... what, not another 'project'!